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Wednesday, July 23, 2014





 West Nash United Methodist Church is a friendly, vibrant, forward-thinking congregation. We're excited about our bold new course we're taking in worship, Children's activities , Community service and Outreach programs. While America was growing as a territory filled with new ideas and opportunities, pioneers often branched out in new, uncharted directions, eager to provide a better life for themselves and their families. During the California Gold Rush, the popular phrase "Go West" was coined, encouraging adventurous families to expand their horizons. What a way to describe the mindset and activities of West Nash!  



"Weird Animals" is coming to West Nash UMC the week of July 21-24, from 9 am - noon, from ages 2 through 5th grade.  If you would like to pre-register you can download the form below or come by the office and pick up a form.

  2014-VBS Registration Form  



The Videos From William and Moe's Celebration Are Now Posted Under
The Multimedia Section.


Effective 03/10/2014, Sermons Can Be Found on the Multimedia Page.  They will no longer be on the Sermon Page.
Sermons prior to 03/10/2014 will continue to be available for the last year.


New Events at West Nash Methodist Church
 Our New Bus for our Youth, Seniors, & Congregation   Our New Window
Thanks to All for their Contributions  In Honor of William & Moe



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